more medium format: Anchorage in winter

@Nathaniel Wilder@Nathaniel WilderI took my first wander with my new Hasselblad a few days ago after a big snow–just up and around downtown Anchorage some. Directly above are some friendly kids I ran into –Daylan and Dillon (nicknamed “Louisiana”). They were trying to make a buck pushing cars out of the 11 inches of snow we received. I am over the moon about this new format. I love slowing down my shooting process, thinking through each shot, and then waiting a few days to see the images.

FILM! I missed you!

@Nathaniel Wilder"Art" from Mexico City @Nathaniel WilderPusher Man @Nathaniel WilderThe tireless church shoveler @Nathaniel Wilder

Medium format portraits

I have a Hasselblad now! I pieced it together on ebay and all of the parts have arrived that make up my new little baby. I really love making 6×6 portraits on film. The image fits so gracefully into that little square. This is going to be a very wonderful love affair. Although it’s fresh out the box and I haven’t had a chance to shoot with it yet, I wanted to share some images I took on my girlfriend’s Hasselblad last month on the east coast. I can’t wait to shoot with mine so– there’s more to come!

Blog Negligence: An Arctic Update

hello dear blog viewers!

I’ve been neglecting the blog lately. Don’t worry, I have much to share but have been slow to share it here (although I’ve been utilizing the ease of Facebook posting a little more:

Two things that I especially hope to highlight in upcoming blog posts… a trip to the arctic in winter. Right now I am in Point Hope–a small Inupiat eskimo whaling village in northwest Alaska (on the coast of the Chukchi Sea). I’ve had a span of adventures packed into this 2 week visit and, sometime soon I would love to share some of the visuals from this trip.

Second, I have fallen head over heels in love with medium format film. I’ve been taking quite a number of portraits with my girlfriend’s Hasselblad whenever I get to visit her. I’ve got some portraits that I would like to share from those visits. Stay tuned!

Athletic/lifestyle shoot for Merrell in Oregon

I can finally share images from my first shoot for Merrell in Oregon earlier this year.

We spent four days shooting active lifestyle around Mt. Bachelor, Smith Rocks, Portland and the Columbia River Gorge area in March for Merrell’s fall and winter photo needs. There was a contingent of us. Each day there were 4 models present, my production assistant Whitney from Side of the Road Sessions, a marketing director from Merrell, 2 other independent creatives in charge of organizing models and apparel on set, a 3-man video production crew creating a piece from our shoot and an occasional extra local guide or Merrell employee assistant.

I had been a little nervous about creating natural, documentary-style imagery with a crew on “set” of this size–and working with actual professional models (something that was new for me). I felt it might look too staged. But we were able to make the whole shoot into a fun, light event with good humor. I was grateful for the willingness of the models to stay focused when they needed to, and listen to my direction. And extremely grateful for my assistant’s hand in keeping us on schedule–as we were shooting some thousands of images per day during multiple activity scenarios in various locations.

Here is a slew of my personal favorite images from a long four days with little sleep  :) This doesn’t necessarily reflect all of the imagery Merrell chose to purchase from the shoot–just my favorites that I feel best represent my personal style.

I’m looking forward to sharing images from our spring shoot in Costa Rica once Merrell has begun to market those as well as for future shoots coming down the pipes. Stay tuned! …