on the road: inclement weather in southwest Yellowstone

About a week and a half ago now, after climbing in the Tetons, resting up while catching a day of a wildlife film festival held at the Jackson Lake Lodge in the National Park and staying with friends in Victor, Idaho, Sune and Lindsay and I hiked into a secluded and less-visited section of the Yellowstone National Park to get some more activity in before heading south to Utah.

We only spent less than 24 hours visiting the Dunanda Falls area, 8 miles in to from the Bechler ranger station. But it was a memorable 24 hours, replete with intermittent rain for the hike in and, the morning we awoke to hike out, wet snow–the worst kind. This added a slightly adventurous element to our groin-deep river crossing coming out, something we nurtured our wet bodies through with a thermos of hot Pu’er tea while standing in the river–as this was warmer than the ambient air temperature. Once back at the car we high-tailed it to Salt Lake City so I could catch a flight.

48 hours later I was photographing a wedding during a quick trip to North Carolina in 75 degree sun. Our exciting little foray into that little corner of Yellowstone felt a world away.

**There are fewer photographs of this trip since a few of my lenses got fairly soaked after repeated exposure to condensation without a break.

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  1. Especially love the drinking out of a thermos in snow, pantless! Excellent photos as usual, looks like a great adventure.

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